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It’s time for a music review folks!

So thanks to my best friend, I recently discovered the song “Jar of Hearts” by Christina Perri. I fell in love with Perri’s voice. She’s only been famous about a year now after getting asked to sing “Jar of Hearts” on You Think You Can Dance.

I started looking into more of her music and discovered her youtube, where she had videos of her doing covers of several different songs such as “Hand in My Pocket” by Alanis Morrisette, and “Maybe I’m Amazed” by Paul McCartney.

After finding this (which I immediately subscribed to), I found more songs from her amazing album Lovestrong. Perri said in the digital booklet that she saw two main themes through all of these songs, Love and Strength. The album is filled with songs about broken hearts, getting over them, and being strong enough to move forwards. There are a few songs that are about just love.

I’ve been listening to the whole album non-stop, and have found a few personal favorites: “Distance,” “Arms,” “Miles,” and “Bluebird.”

“Distance” is about  being in love with someone, but backing away and not letting them know just how you feel out of fear of being hurt, at least to me that’s what it says.

“Arms” is a great song that I keep finding more and more lyrics in the more I listen to it.  This song, to me at least, is about being torn up about  being with the person you feel best around, and wanting to leave them so you no long hurt them.

“Miles” talks about being far apart and asking for the one you love to tell you it’ll be okay and “to be brave, smart, sweet and bolder.”

“Bluebird” is a broken heart song. The first line is “How the hell does a broken heart, get back together when it’s torn apart?” The song talks about a “bluebird” coming around looking for him and at the end, when the bluebird stops coming around, she goes to find her and finds him with her.

Overall the album is actually amazing. It has several sad songs, but Christina Perri’s voice makes it so great and filled with passion that it doesn’t matter whether it’s a happy or sad song.

On her youtube she has other songs she’s written and recorded herself singing while she plays either the guitar or the piano. Perri is very talented, that is for sure.


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