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Posted By on May 14, 2012

Alright, not to go all political on you or anything, but I’m very left wing and very Liberal. However, the community I live in is the exact opposite. Which is partially what made my little “experiment” today hilarious for me and my best friend Torey.

Here’s where it all started:

As a joke, Torey (who is female, which is relevant for you to understand the reasoning) and I have decided we’re getting married. We’re both straight, but are very strong advocates for equal rights for everyone. Today while at Target we were just being normal teenagers, ya know, playing with the Star Wars light sabers, and putting on the Avengers masks, then we moved on to sitting on the patio furniture, the whole time joking about what we’d decorate our house with. That last thought led us to go look at the interior design section of the store, creating a funny little idea.

Me: I wonder how many dirty looks we’d get if we walked around holding hands.

Torey: Wanna do it??? [This folks is why we're such good friends.]

So there go Torey and I, walking through the aisles of Target hand in hand, totally comfortable and normal. People could not look away fast enough. The guys would look at us, then down to our hands and look away quickly, almost as if they had interrupted a private moment of some sort. Which isn’t the response you’d usually expect from males, especially teenage males. Trust me, there were several of those that saw us, too.

All in all we counted nine looks, and those are only the ones we could see.

Three women actually glared at us. Can you believe that? They conveyed a look of “How dare YOU show any affection in public!” It was completely disgusting.

We were actually anticipating someone making a comment or scoffing at us. Fortunately for them, no one said a word to us. Our only regret was not having someone there to record it so we could see everyone behind us as well as in front of us. The one thing those who did give us looks will never know is that as soon as we hit an empty aisle we’d bust up laughing at the looks we got. Not in a disrespectful way, but it was just interesting to see how much it upset people to see something so normal. Something each of them have done before.

At one point Torey and I tucked away into an empty aisle after getting some awkward glances, Torey commented: “That’s right, be uncomfortable in your homophobia!”

Yup, I love her.

Who knew people were so hateful towards something so happy and grand. Two best friends walking hand in hand through Target, laughing and having one of the best days. Who knew. ;)

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