Katie Camille was created by Katie in a fun, whimsical attempt to bring together her hobbies and interests all in one place. From jewelry making to writing, this aspiring journalist has created her own online corner to showcase her many talents and interests.

Katie Camille’s started as most of these sorts of things do – as hobbies, interests, and inspirations born of drinking far too much coffee.

From Christmas gifts to birthdays in the spirit of “it’s the thought that counts” heartfelt treasures were created with dye, beads, canvas, and lots and lots of flubs in between.

Katie often posts reviews of music and books and as of October 2011 is actively involved in a 31 Day blog series that she plans to make an annual event at KatieCamille.

Katie Camille’s utilizes the skills of just about everyone in the family. Katie’s mother, Amy (AmyD of Amy’s Musings), designed the template and helps with the technical upkeep and sometimes creates unique folk art inspired designs for room decor available at the Etsy shop. Katie’s little sister and fellow free spirit, Maggie, serves as humor relief and whimsical inspiration. Katie’s dad is around for heavy lifting and guitar strings that Katie turns into fabulous bracelets and necklaces.

31 Days in the real lives of teenagersUpdated October 2011 – Katie has joined the “31 Days” blog series with her own series “31 Days in the Real Lives of Teenagers” check it out here.

“31 Days” Blog Series Information here.

Hippy go happy, peace loving, fun loving with a little touch of attitude… you never know what you might find at Katie Camille.

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